Working with Attachments You Receive

Outlook lets you do a lot with attachments you receive. Let’s cover all the basics right here:

When you look at a message that contains attachments in the Reading Pane, the top of the pane will look something like the image below. Each of the attachments has its own icon, as does the message body itself.

Attachment Icons in Reading Pane

The first option is simply to click on one of the attachment icons. What happens then is determined by the type of attachment it is. If the attachment is an image, Outlook will display the image right in the Reading Pane like this:

Viewing an Attached Image

If the attached file is an Office document, like an Excel worksheet or a Word document, you will be able to navigate around in it right in the Reading Pane without opening the other program, like this:

Viewing an Excel Spreadsheet in the Reading Pane

If you want to return to the message body after viewing attachments, all you need to do is click the Message icon on the left to get back there.

You get even more options for working with attachments if you right-click their icons. When you do that, Outlook displays a menu of options like this:

A menu of additional options for attachments

This menu comes in particularly handy if you want to store the attachments on your hard drive and remove them from the message (to save space in your mailbox) or if it is something you want to quickly print.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with attachments right in the Reading Pane.

fast attachments

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