Delete Unwanted Auto-Complete Entries

How to Delete Unwanted Auto-Complete Entries

Outlook helps you address messages by displaying its guesses about the address you want to enter. It does this by comparing the characters in addresses you have previously entered to the characters you have typed so far into the address field. This process is handled by AutoComplete.

Auto-complete can definitely be helpful when you are entering long of complicated addresses. But sometimes the list of addresses it displays includes addresses you no longer want to see there (having the ex’s address pop up whenever you are sending mail can be a real drag!). That’s when you want the ability to deleted unwanted Auto-Complete entries.

Here’s how you do exactly that:

  1. If the offending address isn’t already visible in the Auto-Complete list, open a new message window and start typing that address until it appears in the Auto-Complete list.
  2. Using the mouse (this is different than the approach used in Outlook 2007) point at the offending entry. Outlook highlights the address, and displays an ‘X’ to the right of it.
  3. Click the ‘X’ to the right of the address you want to delete from AutoComplete. You’re done!


From here you can:

Go to the Outlook 2010 Mail Tips page

Go to the main Outlook 2010 Tips page

Go to the top of this Delete Unwanted Auto-Complete Entries page.

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