Outlook How To: Send Calendar by Email Using Outlook 2010

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Here are video instructions to send Calendar information by email. The printed version is below.

Sometimes you just need to send Calendar information by email. When you’re trying to make plans with someone who isn’t using Outlook for email, you sometimes get into one of those conversations. You know the kind I mean.

“So what does your schedule look like for Thursday?”

“I’m booked. How is Friday morning?”

“No can do. How about Saturday at exactly 3:48 PM?”

And on it goes. What you need is a way to send Calendar information directly to the other person.

Outlook 2010 can send Calendar information in a message with only a few clicks. The result looks nice, eliminates the chance of mistakes while retyping, and saves you time. Follow these steps to try it for yourself:

NOTE: You’ll need to have a Message window open to do this.

  1. In the editing area of the Message you want to contain Calendar information, click at the position you want the Calendar to appear. The cursor needs to be in this part of the message window or the rest of the steps will fail.
  2. Use the ALT, N, O, C keyboard shortcut to open the Send a Calendar via E-mail dialog box.
  3. Using the options available in this dialog box, tell Outlook which Calendar you want it to send, the Date Range (Today, Next 7 Days, Whole Calendar, and other options), along with the level of Detail of information you want to share. If you wish to show only your activities during your working hours, set the Show timeā€¦ check box as well.
  4. Click OK when done setting options. The dialog box closes, and after a moment, Outlook inserts the Calendar information into the Message.

Try this the next time you have to coordinate a schedule with someone and see how much time and hassle it saves.

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