Outlook How To: Prevent An Accidental Reply to All

Avoid “Reply to All” Mishaps with this Free Add-in from VBOffice

Have you ever hit “Reply To All” when you meant to hit “Reply” and caused yourself a big problem, perhaps blasting your unguarded opinion to an entire distribution list instead of one person? Lots of us have, some more than once.

I’m guessing that someone at VBOffice has done so too, as they have created a free Outlook add-in that will help you avoid a reply to all crisis by warning you when you click “Reply To All.” As they describe it on their site, the ReplyAll 1.0 add-in,

“ReplyAll is a free tool that alerts you when you hit the ‘Reply To All’ button in Outlook. This might prevent you from sending emails to the wrong recipients.”

This add-in is extremely easy to install and use.

To get started, click THIS LINK to go to the add-in download page at VBOffice. Click the download button to download the installer program for the add-in. Make sure Outlook is closed, then run the program you just downloaded. Restart Outlook and you will be ready to go.

Now when you select a message in the Inbox and click the “Reply To All” button, Outlook pops up a warning box like the one below asking you to confirm that you really want to reply to all the people who received the message. Granted, this adds an additional step when you are intentionally replying to multiple people. But for many of us, the tiny bit of additional effort this adds to intentional “reply to all” situations is far outweighed by the protection it provides.

reply to all

Note: The warning box does not appear if you open the message in its own window first (say by double-clicking it in the Inbox) then click the “Reply To All”option in the ribbon. That makes this add-in very helpful, but it isn’t a foolproof way to keep you from a reply to all mishap.

While nothing can guarantee that you will never make email related mistakes, this free add-in will surely help you cut down on Reply to All mistakes.

reply to all

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