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I don’t particularly enjoy talking about myself, but in this case I think it is is important. The whole point of this site is to show you how to make Outlook do things it isn’t already doing. To make that happen, there are lots of detailed procedures to follow.

Before you put in that amount of work, and go making all sorts of changes to the way Outlook functions, it only makes sense that you want to know more about the guy telling you to do all this. You want to be sure that I know what the heck I’m talking about. So let me tell you a little about myself, specifically with respect to why you should trust my advice on Outlook.

I’ve been using Outlook since it first came out in the 1990’s. For most of that time I have relied on it as the heart of my online businesses. I have lots of different email accounts that are connected with different ventures. I also travel a lot, having left the USA permanently in 2011. Outlook has kept my businesses on track and connected from locations such as the island nation of Malta, a tiny village in central Mexico, a log cabin in rural New Hampshire, random hotels scattered across three continents, and currently a small colonial city in the Andes mountains of Ecuador.

That’s all cool, but it only shows that I walk the walk and actually use Outlook regularly. It doesn’t show that I am qualified to help anyone else use Outlook.

I’ve been teaching people how to use Outlook for well over a decade now. At first it was informally, as the guy in the company everyone came to when they had Outlook problems. Things got a little more serious when I got the contract to write the Microsoft Exchange 5 Sourcebook in 1997. This book was followed by How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (2003) and How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (2006).

In addition to these books, I began leading Outlook courses online. I’ve now led courses on every version of Outlook since Outlook 2000, with courses on Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 running right now.

I’ve also been running this site and its predecessor http://living-with-outlook.com for years, during which time thousands of people have used the procedures you’ll find here. And they have no qualms about letting me know if something isn’t right, so the information here is constantly updated as things change.

If you still want more information, you can…
Check out my page at About.me/bill.mann

Anyway, I’m sure you are tired of hearing me talk. I hope that the information I’ve provided here leaves you feeling comfortable about what you will learn on this site.



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