Gmail Outlook 2010 – How to Configure Outlook for Gmail

How to Make a Gmail Outlook 2010 IMAP Connection

Let’s make a Gmail Outlook 2010 connection. Gmail is an excellent email system, and Outlook is an excellent tool for working with your email. So what could be more natural than using them together? Microsoft recognizes the appeal of this. They have made it fast and easy to make a synchronized Gmail Outlook connection. It uses something called the IMAP protocol to do this magic.

How fast and easy? Try 3 steps and about 3 minutes.

On this page, I’ll walk you through setting this up. With a Gmail IMAP setup like this, you can work with your Gmail in Outlook or your browser. And the changes you make in one place will appear in the other.

You get all the flexibility and mobility of Gmail, with all the management power of Outlook. A powerful combination for sure.

One last thing. The specifics of setting up this connection vary depending on the version of Outlook you have. So use the links below to go to the correct set of instructions.

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  1. LD,

    Please see my long-winded reply to Sherry. I think you are in the same boat as her, namely that you have an IMAP connection between Gmail and Outlook, and you are trying to do things that aren’t supported by IMAP. If in your old setup, you worked with all your Gmail stuff in Outlook, I’ll bet you had a POP3 connection instead of an IMAP one. If you want to switch over, the instructions for doing so are here:

    Please be sure to select the links for a manual POP3 connection. Once it is all set up, you may need to manually transfer some existing messages (just email them to yourself) but all the new stuff should end up in Outlook only and things should work the same as before.

    I hope this helps.


  2. An IT guy set up my Outlook 2010 to work with gmail but I have two unresolved issues to date: 1) I can only view and work with Sent Items in gmail. I want them in Outlook. 2) I can’t figure out how to put a date and time reminder on an email like I could in the prior versions.

  3. Phil,

    I’ve seen a couple of posts online relating similar issues with Gmail recently, but none that have any sort of solution. Hopefully somebody else out there has seen a solution. Anyone have this problem and find a fix?


  4. I am running into trouble when trying to set up gmail in my outlook. I already have an IMAP account setup to connect to my other online email. I have followed the instructions here and elsewhere. I’ve tried it automatically and manually. When I click the “Test Account settings” the process is completed successfully but then when I try to exit out of the process a second ‘Test’ is performed that then fails. Please help. Phil

  5. Thank you soooo much. My email account was been making me crazy until I found your site. ATT was of absolutely no help to me. They haven’t a clue about Outlook.
    everything is working now and I am grateful. I’m bookmarking you.

  6. Andre,

    I’m sorry to say that I can’t find any information about this particular issue. Just on the off-chance that there was some kind of glitch, I suggest you give it another try. If that doesn’t do it, I don’t have any other suggestions aside from the manual set up.

    Please let us know how it goes.


  7. Trying the 3 steps and received- An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available. Any thoughts on how to remedy without having to manually set up?

  8. It is a known issue that sometimes synching to Gmail with IMAP can slow Outlook to a crawl. I haven’t had the problem so can’t say for myself, but some people report that the problem lessens over time as it can take days or weeks to get everything in all the Gmail folders synchronized into Outlook. As far as downloading all emails into the computer, IMAP is designed to synchronize your Outlook Inbox with your Gmail Inbox and keep the two synchronized. If you just want to get all your Gmail messages into Outlook, and don’t need to be able to access them from the Gmail web interface anymore, you should consider switching to a POP3 connection.

    For more information on going POP3, visit: Use POP3 or IMAP for Your Gmail Outlook Connection

    One thing you could do to possibly speed up your IMAP connection is to be sure that only headers are being downloaded for the many “hidden” folders that you get when you set up a Gmail Outlook 2010 connection using IMAP. This video provides a good explanation of how to do this:

    How to.. Speed Up Outlook 2010 when using GMail (IMAP)

    I hope something here helps.


  9. Hi, i made all 3 steps, works fine, but just fine :(, it takes so much time to synchronize all emails, it freezes computer. Computer is quite fast and internet connection is 10mbit/s, so i dont know what to do?? If i want to write an email i need to wait 3-5 minutes until outlook unfreeze and later i can write and if background synchro goes well i can (sometimes) send e-mail with no problems???

    is there any possibility to download ALL e-mails into computer ??? any option in IMAP “download all” 🙂 ???

  10. Kevin,

    This is strange. Are you trying to connect your Gmail account to Outlook at work? If so, it is possible that the IT department has explicitly blocked Gmail connections as a security measure. Have you connected any non-Gmail email accounts to your copy of Outlook so far?

  11. Hello,
    I am running into trouble when trying to set up gmail in my outlook. I already have an IMAP account setup to connect to my other online email. I have followed the instructions here and elsewhere. I’ve tried it automatically and manually. However, when I click the “Test Account settings” button it always fails to connect. Please help.
    Thank you,

  12. Randi,

    Let’s see if we can figure this out.

    Did you get the message confirming that the connection was set up correctly? Does the message get sent if you use the ALT+S keyboard shortcut?


  13. I set up a gmail connection with outlook, but when I go to respond to an email in the INBOX, it gives me no option to send the message out. I can get the window where I can write something to the person sending the message, but I can’t send my response out. I don’t get it.


  14. Are you still seeing this problem? I just tested moving individual messages and entire folders and it works fine for me.

  15. this is almost very helpful — i have set up the IMAP, but I would like to know if/how i can pull my old outlook e-mails to the gmail server. when i try copying a folder (or even just one email) outlook freezes.

    Sometimes I see an folder has moved to gmail, but never any of the contents.

    Thanks for any help!!

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