AOL Outlook 2010 – How to Make an AOL Mail Outlook Connnection

Updated May 3, 2014

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How to Make an AOL Outlook 2010 Connection

Are you ready to make an AOL Outlook 2010 connection? There was a time when AOL mail was a proprietary system, part of the America Online empire. It was hard to work with for Outlook users like us, and of course you had to be a paying AOL member to even use the system.

Note: If you are looking to connect Outlook 2007 to your AOL mail, then you should go to this AOL Outlook 2007 connection page.

But all that has changed. AOL mail is now a free service that uses the POP3 and IMAP protocols which are standard in the industry. Even better, Outlook 2010 knows how to configure an AOL Outlook connection using the IMAP protocol automatically. All this makes AOL mail a very viable service to use with Outlook.

There’s just one small hitch.

But no worries. This may not even hit you, and if it does, the problem is easy to resolve. I’ve included detailed instructions for doing exactly that below the AOL mail Outlook connection instructions for anyone who gets bit by this (like I did).

So let’s get your new connection set up, shall we?.

On this page, I’ll walk you through the process of configuring an IMAP (link opens in new window) AOL Outlook 2010 mail connection. Because we will be setting up an IMAP connection, you’ll be able to use either Outlook or your web browser with your AOL mail account. The changes you make are automatically synchronized between each.

So with a few moments work you’ll be able to centralize all your email handling in Outlook, yet still be able to use the AOL mail web interface whenever you want. That will surely save some time and hassles.

Making an AOL Outlook 2010 Connection

Let’s get started. This will only take a few minutes.

NOTE: These instructions assume you already have an AOL Mail account set up. If not, you need to sign up for one first (remember, AOL mail is now free). The following link opens a new window and takes you to the AOL mail home page so you can sign up for an account. Once there, click the Mail link and follow the instructions for setting up an account. When you finish, close that window to come back here.

  1. In Outlook 2010, click the File tab on the Ribbon. In the “File” menu that appears, click Info to display the “Account Information” screen shown below.
  2. Create a new AOL mail account here.

  3. Click Add Account to open the “Add New Account” page of the “Auto Account Setup” wizard.
  4. Fill in this form to create your AOL mail Outlook connection.

  5. Select the E-Mail Account option, then enter your account information (the Name you want to use with AOL mail, your full AOL email address and password) on this screen, then click Next. This tells Outlook 2010 to try to configure itself automatically. This will probably take several minutes, during which time the screen may look something like the one below.
  6. Automatically configure Outlook for AOL mail.

  7. Once the wizard establishes a successful AOL to Outlook 2010 connection, it displays the congratulations screen shown below.
  8. A successful AOL Outlook 2010 connection.

With the new account set up, Outlook includes a new folder in the Navigation Pane that corresponds to your GMX mailbox folders. That’s all there is to setting up an AOL Outlook connection using the automatic setup process.

Unless of course, you get a message stating that you can’t send email!

What to Do if Your New AOL Outlook 2010 Connection Won’t Send Mail

As an additional security measure, AOL may require you to complete a simple security step to prove that you are a human being and not some spam-spewing robot. This confused me at first, because I was setting up the connection through a small ISP in South America, and I assumed that it was one of those “can’t send email from this location” kind of problems. A little research showed that this is something much easier to fix.

If you get hit with the can’t send mail message after setting up your connection, you need to go to and type in the words you see on the screen. Doing so correctly tells AOL that you are a person, and activates your ability to send mail using your AOL account.

Once I completed this step, my AOL mail Outlook 2010 connection started functioning perfectly, and yours should too.

Now that you have a working AOL Outlook connection, do you have other webmail accounts (Yahoo Mail or Gmail perhaps?) you want to get connected to Outlook too? If so, you’ll find directions for doing so on this Outlook 2010 Email Accounts page.

If you would like to tell Outlook to open to the folder you just created with this AOL Outlook connection, rather than the default Outlook Inbox, visit this Startup Folder page.
AOL Outlook 2010

From here you can:

Go to the main Outlook 2010 email accounts page.

Go to the Outlook 2010 home page.

Return to the top of this AOL Outlook 2010 page.

Go to the instructions for making an AOL Outlook 2007 connection.

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  1. Tom,

    I’m not finding any information on this problem. I think you are going to have to talk to the AOL support people and see what they say.

    Sorry I don’t have anything more helpful. If you do learn something, please share it here so we can save others the stress.



  2. Tom Antonelli | September 27, 2011 at 10:01 pm |

    Problem synching AOL folders. Have successfully set up AOL mail in Outlook 2010 but continue to receive a “error synching AOL folders” when a send receive is initiated. How can I get this fixed?

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