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  1. Miles,

    Glad to help!


  2. For me, it was the instruction that was wrong, but I should be clear about this because the wrong instruction was not from this website. I did everything that another website’s tutorial instructed to do and even though I rechecked the whole process twice more it didn’t work, that is until I found another tutorial on this website and I did everything from scratch again. Everything works now. Great job guys and thank you.

  3. Julie,

    A fellow user went through the whole process of getting this activated. Here’s what he learned:

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    This condition occurs when a customer sets up his own master email address in Yahoo before his service is connected. (That is what I did.) When service is finally activated, this address is recognized as one outside their system and will not see it as valid. An ATT agent must create your master address so it can be validated inside their system and therefore viewed as a valid email address!

    This nightmare took me 4 days to resolve and I had to figure it out as the level 3 techs in India that I had to deal with were pretty useless.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Hopefully this information will help you get connected.

    Thanks for sharing this information Joe!

  4. Julie,

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help. Please let us know what the support guys have to say.


  5. Bill,

    I looked at all of those suggestions earlier and they did not help. It looks as though I may have to resort to paying the $15 to get the problem resolved. In the scheme of things it may be a lot cheaper than me spending more of my time trying to figure this out on my own. Thanks anyway.


  6. Julie,

    One more possibility. There are several things that can cause you to be able to receive mail but not send it. Try going to this Can’t Send Mail page and see if any of the suggestions there help.


  7. Bill,

    Thanks for your quick response and offer to help. Sorry to say, but I just tried your new server options and I am getting the exact same message. It logs onto incoming mail server, but cannot send the test email message. Any other suggestions for the options?


  8. Julie,

    From reviewing posts online, you are not the only person being told to pay for support when making this connection, even though the information is still available for free on their site.

    I’m looking at their latest help pages, and they are saying to use a different set of servers. In my instructions, try replacing pop.att.yahoo.com with inbound.att.net and smtp.att.yahoo.com with outbound.att.net and see if they let you connect then.

    Please let me know if this works for you so I can update the page and save others some of the hassles you are going through.



  9. Trying to connect Outlook 2010 with my ATT Uverse / Yahoo email address. Tried all of your settings. The Log onto incoming mail server is Completed, but get an error on the test email saying the connection to the server was interrupted. ATT is no help but to tell me to subscribe to their ConnectTech service for $15. Any suggestions?

  10. Martyn,

    Thanks for the update. Is anyone else seeing similar problems with this?


  11. Martyn Turner | July 20, 2011 at 7:17 pm |

    Got the POP3/SMTP, Ports info, etc, from Cox website. Tried your instruction to set up Outlook 2010. However, still could not send emails and I could only receieve. Finally, just chose the email radio button from the add account pop-up, left the server settings alone, and let Outlook sort it out. Can now receive/send emails. Outlook has following settings for my Cox accounts.
    POP3 incoming: pop.cox.net (note no “east” as shown on Cox website)
    SMTP: smtp.cox.net (again no “east”)
    Incoming POP3 port : 995
    Requires SSL
    outgoing SMTP port: 587
    Encrypted connection: TLS
    My Oulook 2010 works fine with these settings.

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