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  1. I think the reason for my problem may be because I’m trying to connect to my email account from my friend’s place. I’ve never tried accessing my mail account from elsewhere before (using outlook that is) and I need to test it out when I get home, but I’m pretty sure that’s the problem. I should probably switch to yahoo and connect that to Outlook instead to bypass this problem.

  2. I’ve been busy doing some cleanup of the inbox and deleted folders, but still nothing yet. I still have a couple hundred emails in the inbox so I’d hate to do an uninstall and reinstall but it might come to that….

    News at 11.


  3. Scott,

    I think you are right. I wish I had something useful to tell you about why this is happening. Good luck, and please do let us know if you somehow get things working again.


  4. Bill:

    I upgraded to Office 2010 because I understood that this would get rid of the .pst file size restriction would disappear. That caused me issues with Outlook 2000.


  5. Bill: I contacted the ISP, AT & T and they haven’t changed anything on their end, they claim, with all port settings as they’ve been for a long time….and nothing’s changed here either. Based on that, I don’t think subscribing to the Yahoo ‘Plus’ pay version is likely to change anything either.


  6. Scott,

    That is bizarre and I’m not finding any information about this problem online. Is anyone else seeing this?


  7. Here’s another interesting factoid: When I do a “Send and Receive” the error message says: “task ‘pop.yahoo.net – receiving’ reported error (0x80040900) : ‘the server name you entered cannot be found on the network (it may be down temporarily). Verify that you are online and that the server name is correct.’ Well, Duh, it’s not correct and I don’t have the server as ‘….net’ listed anywhere, only the email address has a ‘.net’ in it! What’s up with THAT?

  8. The newly installed Outlook 2010 worked for about a month. Last weekend it stopped listing new inbound email, but the Yahoo/att email page displayed them fine. Now Outlook won’t send email either, though it did yesterday when I hit the “test” button. Today, the test indicates it connects to the server, but I get the error message that the connection was interrupted when the “send test email message” is attempted. Everything on the Yahoo/att page works fine. I hate Yahoo email.

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