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  1. Hi,
    I know this is almost a year after the last post, but I figured if I am here searching for info then someone else could also be.

    I currently have the droid Android phone which I cannot wait for my contract to be over so I can melt it so nobody else can be tortured by it.

    (email#1) The area that we live in allows us to only have a two internet providers for us at home that my spouse will agree on for a high-speed connection and both only offer standard pop3 email service.

    (email#2) The droid smartphone required me to sign-up for a Gmail account and then imap is the standard there, plus everything then revolves around that little G enterprise (-:

    (email#3) The work email which I use is actually a gmail account, so another imap…

    (email#4&5) The work email being a system account that I don’t want to have anyone messing with since I need to post it often on volunteer posters and lists, I have it filtering through a public email system “boxbe.com” (not pop3, nor imap) which in Live Hotmail I have the option to be able to also choose to return email back to people I do not know using the public email address instead of my actual work email. In my line of work with the public, this is a great advantage.

    Now, I know you can configure within Outlook 2010 pop3 as imap and imap as pop3 (I wish I found your articles way earlier 🙂 but connecting the droid to Outlook has been nothing but a pain, because I was very happy with my Live Hotmail account. Which now I understand that my forethought that my next choice in smartphones will NOT be Android but be a Windows OS, is the easier way to go.

    Unless someone can TRULY give me a better way to do this, I channel everything into Hotmail and then from Hotmail into Outlook. It’s the only way I could get all the above to work without all the glitches that I and everyone else have experienced, now on my new laptop which runs Win7 64bit.

    Any better solutions?

  2. Martin,

    I can help with some of this, but we’ll have to appeal to other visitors to this page for some advice too.

    First, unless you are prepared to change your personal email address, with all the headaches that entails (notifying everyone of the change, having to monitor multiple accounts until everyone finally gets around to making the change), or you need to be able to get to your email when you are away from the computer you have Outlook installed on, I would stick with your Yahoo address. When you access your account through Outlook, the limitations of POP3 just don’t matter.

    If you are going to need to get access to your email when you are away from your computer, Gmail and GMX mail, set up for IMAP, are both good choices.

    When you talk about MAPI, you are talking about a hosted Exchange account. I have one set up like this, but frankly it is not easy something to undertake lightly. When I set it up a few years ago, it took a good bit of technical know-how and a couple days of effort to get it working right. Unless you are a techie and are prepared to put some significant effort into this, I would stick with one of the other options.

    I can’t help with connecting the Droid2. The last time I connected a smartphone to Outlook was several years ago.

    Does anyone out there have experience connecting smartphones to Outlook 2010?


  3. Bill, I am retiring from a corporation and losing my laptop and company e-mail account. I definitely want to use Outlook, and your articles on this topic are terrific. Question on this one: how can I choose between the four protocols? For instance, right now my personal e-mail is Yahoo. I upgraded it to be able to use Outlook 2010, but it sounds like I’m stuck with POP3? If I change to G-Mail, I can get IMAP, which has more features? How can I get MAPI? And finally, I also lost my company phone, so I bought a smart phone (Droid2) — right now just accessing Yahoo directly. Can I switch this over to Outlook as well, and sync with my laptop?

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