The ATT Outlook 2010 Connection

Updated February 13, 2013

Save Yourself Time and Hassles by Setting Up an ATT Outlook Connection for Your Email

Let’s talk about how to make an ATT Outlook connection. First, let’s talk about why you might want to do this.

Creating a connection between your ATT mail account and Outlook can make things easier for you, since you get to manage all your email in one place. Checking your mail in different places all the time is dumb. Many people have come to this conclusion and used the instructions here to make the two work together.

Before you get started, be aware that there are a lot of steps in my instructions, but that’s intentional. You can surely find shorter instructions in other locations on the Internet, but those instructions assume you have some deep understanding of the guts of Outlook and Windows.

My instructions don’t make those kinds of assumptions. I assume that you are a normal person who just wants to get this set up. You aren’t interested in learning esoteric details about the guts of your computer. My instructions have lots of steps because I don’t assume that you have any special computer knowledge. That means lots of steps, but steps that you can easily complete.

So with that all out of the way, all you need to do is click the link below and follow the instructions to connect your ATT mail to Outlook.

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  1. Sandi Danna | June 7, 2012 at 4:22 pm |

    Have been having trouble with a sub-account not receiving/sending emails and always asking for user & password verification. Neither re-entering nor re-creating nor cancelling were viable solutions. Spoke with ATT for an over and hour re-creating email. Worked for a while & then off again. On the 2nd call to ATT support – I PAID for support. All they had me do is go to the site; click in member services; re-enter email address & password & confirm password; then log out of member services. Worked at the time but then off again today. I re-visited member services and then emails came in. The error has something to do with the ATT server not being recognized in Outlook.

  2. Laurel,

    Can you give me more information on how it is failing to work? We may be able to get you going (or at least figure out what’s going on).


  3. Laurel Robbins | March 10, 2012 at 9:10 pm |

    I am trying to set up my email to Outlook 2010 on a second computer so that I can access my email while not at home. Is it possible to do this on more than one computer? It works fine on my primary laptop but on the second one it doesn’t work at all (well, it did work briefly and then it stopped.

  4. Tsutomu,

    Thank you very much for this information. I’m sure it will help other ATT mail users to get connected to Outlook.


  5. Bill,

    Go to, then click “myAT&T”, and login using the main email address and password. Under Internet, click dropdown menu, select “Create or Manage a sub account”, then click “Add a sub account” to create sub accounts.

    Once the sub account is created, it works with;

    using the port settings of
    995 ssl
    465 ssl

    Hope this will help.


  6. Tsutomu,

    Ok. I didn’t realize this was a sub account. I have heard of people having problems with accounts (sub accounts) they set up themselves and needing ATT’s help to get them connected. Good luck and let us know if ATT fixes this for you. I’m sure other people are seeing the same issue.


  7. Bill,

    I have read other suggestions that you have. None has worked. I have set up the main email account with AT&T when I subscribed the AT&T DSL service. This main email account works fine. After establishing this, I created my own email account, sub account, which is not working. I think that AT&T has not activated my sub email account on the smtp server, thus it does not know or can not verify my sub email account ID and password. I need to call the AT&T tech support, and expalin and ask them to activate my account.

  8. Tsutomu,

    I’m not sure why this isn’t working for you. I suggest you go to this page: and follow the “I can’t send email” troubleshooting tips I’ve posted there. Hopefully one of them will get you going.


  9. My OS is windows 7, and I have tried both settings mentioned here. However they have not worked. I even tried and since I found this suggestion somewhere on the Internet. But it did not work either. I tried to set it up through a different ISP, wireless and wired connections. I still can not get Outlook 2010 to access the AT&T’s smtp server. I can receive emails, but can not send.
    Any other suggestions?

  10. Christy,

    That’s great! Thank you for your kind words and thank you for sharing this information with the group.


  11. Bill,

    That was the answer! I thought I had tried that pop and smtp configuration yesterday. Thank you so much! And I was able to leave emails on the server as well. I wish I had discovered you yesterday before I had to spend 6 or 7 hours before I found your site.

    You rock!


  12. Christie,

    There have been reports of this problem recently from several ATT users. I don’t have a good solution for you, but did see that one person recently solved the problem by switching to the regular Yahoo mail server settings instead of the ones ATT says to use. If you want to try that, they are:

    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server:

    If you decide to try this, please let us know how it works for you. I’m sure others here would appreciate it!


  13. I had free email with ATT/Yahoo and just upgraded yesterday (1-6-12) to Yahoo! Mail Plus. I have had the problem of receiving but not being able to send. I, too, get the screen asking me to verify my email address and pw. I spent 5 hours yesterday trying to get help from Yahoo! and AT&T, to no avail. I found your site today and have tried the different suggestions for incoming/outgoing, and I’m still having problems. I want to KEEP emails on the server. I’ve had computer crashes and have been able to recover emails by having them still on the server. Is this the problem, or is it that I have an email with Yahoo! Mail Plus? I changed to free email because I was moving and didn’t know what my ISP would be in the new location. However, I am so frustrated and angry with the lack of customer care with Yahoo! and AT&T that I about ready to cancel my Yahoo! Mail Plus and go to something like gmail.

  14. Brian,

    I’m seeing that this is an intermittent problem for ATT mail users. I don’t have a good set of specific steps for Outlook 2010, but here’s a link that was posted for Outlook 2007 users on the ATT boards. You might want to try the settings they recommend in it and see if they fix the problem. If so, please let us know since this appears to be a long-term issue with ATT.



  15. I tried everthing that the att site had on how to set up outlook and all the suggestions here and it still doesnt work..when I run the connection test I pass the incoming server test ok but when it tries the outgoing server it keep propmtin g me for a user name and password. I have to cancel to get out and I can never send emails..


  16. Thanks for the information. The att website did not give the settings for 2010, I am finally able to get my email in Outlook.

  17. Outlook won’t open at all, even from the Start menu? Have you ever been able to run Outlook on this machine? It is possible that you are looking at a trial version that has timed out.

  18. I cannot get my outlook to open to try and set up 2010 outlook can i open it manually somehow. i have windows seven

  19. Krista,

    Thanks for passing along this information. I’ve updated the page.


  20. I tried your directions but could not send email. So I went on
    The website said to do this:

    Note: This step should fix most email problems.

    Email Program Settings Field:

    Incoming (POP)

    Outgoing server (SMTP)

    (requires authentication)

    Incoming mail server:

    User Name: Full AT&T email address, including domain
    (e.g., [email protected], [email protected])
    Incoming mail port #:
    995, secure connection (SSL) checked
    Outgoing mail port #:
    465, secure connection (SSL) checked

    Important: While verifying your settings, make sure you entered your email address and password correctly

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