About GMX Mail – Configure Outlook for GMX Mail Effortlessly

Updated February 18, 2012

About GMX Mail – Configure Outlook for GMX Mail Effortlessly

GMX Mail is an international mail system that provides a lot of benefits for people like you and me. Not the least of which is that you can configure it so you are able to manage your GMX mail from inside Microsoft Outlook. You know that managing your messages in one spot is easier than having to open Outlook, plus a browser window for every webmail account.

NOTE: Would you rather be configuring than reading? Then go here to get started: GMX Mail Outlook 2010

Being able to run your GMX eMail from Outlook instead of a separate browser window will save you time and energy. It is definitely worth the slight amount of work it takes to set up a GMX Outlook connection.

Why Choose a GMX Mail IMAP Connection?

I strongly advise you to make your GMX Outlook connection using the IMAP protocol. IMAP is ideal for a service like GMX. That’s because GMX provides 5GB of free storage per account, and with an IMAP connection, copies of your messages remain in the GMX mailbox as well as in Outlook.

Likewise, changes you make in Outlook find their way into the GMX folders. Say you delete a piece of GMX mail in Outlook. After a short delay, you will be able to look at your GMX mailbox through your web browser and see that the message has been deleted there too.

This means you can manage your mail with whichever tool you want (web browser or Outlook) and not have to worry about it. In my opinion, this approach is far superior to the POP3 approach, where Outlook merely copies the messages from your GMX mailbox, without any synchronization between the two.

Are you ready to take advantage of a GMX Outlook IMAP connection? Then let me point you to some precise instructions on how to set up that connection quickly and easily. You can literally start enjoying the benefits of combining GMX email and Outlook minutes from now.

Here are GMX Mail Outlook 2010 connection instructions for you.

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