Manual Gmail Outlook Connections

Updated February 18, 2012

Sometimes you want to (or need to) set up the Gmail Outlook connection manually. Sometimes Outlook just can’t make the connection on its own. And sometimes you want to use a POP3 connection instead of the IMAP connection Outlook uses with its automatic setup procedure.

In plain English, you may need to make a manual connection sometimes, and this page teaches you what to do to configure Outlook for Gmail and Gmail for Outlook. Perhaps you want to create a POP3 connection rather than the IMAP one Outlook provides. If you simply want to copy mail out of your Gmail Inbox into Outlook, instead of synchronizing the information between your Gmail account and your Outlook Inbox, a POP3 connection could be exactly what you are looking for.

Four Things Needed for Gmail Outlook Manual Connections

Assuming you want to set up the Gmail Outlook connection manually, you need to do four things:

And that should do it.

Your manual Gmail Outlook connection should now be up and running.

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