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This part of the site covers Outlook 2010 email access using web mail accounts. It shows you how to use Outlook to send and receive messages through web mail accounts.

What are web mail accounts? They’re services like Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. They are also all those email accounts that Internet Service Providers give us when we sign up for service.

With a little work, we can connect those accounts to Outlook 2010, and still use them as you do today. Why bother? I think you will love the convenience of having access to all your mail messages in one place. You’ll also love using Outlook’s familiar interface for all your email accounts.

Or maybe now that you have Outlook, you want to create a personal mail account you can use with it.

Note: Travelers with laptops often find their normal SMTP server doesn’t work when they are away from home, meaning they cannot send emails. If you’re looking at a web mail account as a way around this problem, there is an alternative.

SMTP2Go provides an SMTP server that was specifically designed to work from any location in the world. I can recommend it without reservation because I use it myself! Eliminate the “can’t send email problem” once and for all Click here to visit the site.


In either case, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn how to connect your accounts (whether existing or new) to Outlook. In some cases (like Google’s Gmail) this will be free. In others you will need to pay a small monthly or yearly fee for the privilege of reading your mail in Outlook instead of through your web browser.

Competition for you as an electronic mail user is fierce. Even though many services charge for access, the rules and pricing for these services are ever-changing.

The information posted here is the best I have as of the date I posted it, but will change. I will keep it updated as best I can, but if you find that the information I’ve posted for a service is no longer valid, please send me a message describing the situation as best you can, and I’ll update this site as soon as I can.

Outlook 2010 Email Connections with Web Mail

For more information about creating Outlook 2010 email connections with web mail accounts, check out these links:
















That should be enough Microsoft Outlook web mail options to keep you busy for a while.

From here you can:


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  1. Hi folks. This part of the site has been down for some time due to a mysterious technical. problem. We finally discovered that one or more WordPress plugins was causing the problem. Hopefully this will be the last major interruption to service.

  2. Wendy,

    Have you changed your physical location, or started using a different connection to the Internet? While all your Comcast settings may be correct, if you are not physically connected to their network, that can cause problems. Many Internet Service Providers block connections to their network if your computer is not directly connected to their network, either by a cable or a wireless router that is physically connected to their network. This helps cut down on access by spammers pretending to be Comcast (in this case) customers, but can mess up regular users who move around.

    If this describes your situation, the information here ( ) may help.


  3. I have been using MS Outlook 2010 for a couple of years now with no problems. Just this week out of the blue I can’t send emails. I can receive them. I’ve checked with Comcast who is my internet provider and it doesn’t seem to be an issue that they can help with as we troubleshooted to make sure my outgoing SMTP email server was correct. They suggested I call Microsoft. Can you help???

  4. Betty,

    There are several possible reasons for this problem. The best I do is point you to the link below, which should help you figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it. I hope it helps. –Bill

  5. I can receive but not send emails. I have tried what I can.

  6. Lew,

    I don’t have instructions for Earthlink, but what I do have is a section for troubleshooting “can’t send email” type problems. Many times the cause is not the email program but the network you are connecting to. I suggest you take a look at the page below and see if the information helps you too:

    I Can’t Send Email messages. The “New Account Can’t Send Email” page sounds like it might be the best place for you to start.


  7. Lew Engel | May 24, 2012 at 7:58 pm |

    I am using Earthlink for my e-mail and can not send but I can receive e-mails. Do you have instructions for

    Thanks Lew

  8. Sherry,

    When Outlook automatically sets up a Gmail account, it does so using the IMAP protocol. IMAP has many advantages in that it synchronizes messages between the Gmail mail servers and Outlook, which lets you work with your messages in Outlook or in any web browser. The disadvantage of IMAP for your class is that Gmail doesn’t support some of the features that Outlook does, such as Categories.

    The other approach to using Gmail with Outlook is to set up an account using the POP3 interface, where the messages get copied from Gmail to Outlook and deleted from the Gmail servers. POP3 only allows you to work with your messages in Outlook. The advantage of POP3 for a course is that since your Gmail messages are only in Outlook, you get all the controls and ribbon icons etc. that your instructor is describing.

    In short, I would check with your professor, but I suspect that he or she is expecting you to set up a POP3 connection instead of an IMAP one. If so, the course should contain (or point you to) the instructions for setting this up, since, as we discussed before, if Outlook sets up the connection for you, it will set up an IMAP connection.

    I hope this helps.


  9. I created a new email account through gmail so I could send and receive emails and take an online Outlook class. I disovered that not all the icons on the ribbon were available to me through this email address: ex. there is no “catagories” icon on the ribbon in “mail view”. Any help would be apreciated.

  10. Okay – I searched on my Comcast home page for Outlook 2010 and got a detailed set of instructions. It appears that what was missing was Number 11 – to require authentification before sending and to use the same settings as when receiving mail.

  11. Joe,

    I’m not sure what is causing that particular problem, but you might want to try the steps on this page. The solutions to “Can’t Send Email” problems apply across multiple email services, and they might work for you too.

    Good luck, and let us know if the tips you find here help. I’m sure someone else will come along with Comcast issues one of these days.



  12. I get my e-mail through Comcast. Outlook 2010 was set up for me recently. I’m finding I can receive e-mail but not send. When I try I get the message ‘my e-mail address Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC78): ‘cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded .50 5.1.0 Authentification required’

    Comcast is not on your list unfortunately

  13. Ken,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a definitive answer for you. First step would be to check all the settings again. A typo could cause the kind of results you are seeing. If that doesn’t surface the problem, I suggest you start checking the Gmail support pages. I’ve seen a couple of reports of odd problems connecting to Gmail recently, so it may be that they’ve done something to break things or that they have a fix for the problem you are seeing.


  14. Ken Saunders | January 23, 2012 at 5:41 pm |

    Hi. The info on your website is very comprehensive. However, I recently purchased a new computer and have been trying to set up Outlook 2010 to connect to my gmail account, have tried the process you’ve outlined, and still have no luck. When it tests the connection, I get a fail message, saying that the connection to the server failed. It tests sending as well, and I get a sent message from Outlook in my gmail account, but can’t complete the process to link Outlook and Gmail. I’ve even turned off my anti-virus software since some of the suggestions I’ve found online seem to point to that as the problem.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  15. Keith,

    Sorry about the delay in replying. In my setup, my Outlook Inbox (with messages from Yahoo included) opens automatically, while the other accounts appear in the Navigation Pane on the left side of the window. Is this the way Outlook is working for you now? Can you give more detail on what you want to see happen?


  16. i use outlook 2010. i have four e-mail accounts. yahoo,gmail,hotmail, and aol. is there a way,that when i start the program all of the shows noy jist

  17. Paul Nuckolls | July 31, 2011 at 1:38 am |

    Never mind I found it!

  18. Paul Nuckolls | July 31, 2011 at 1:14 am |

    I set up Outlook 2010 to receive my email from Yahoo. The problem is all my existing email in Yahoo is now gone and I don’t see it in Outlook. Help! Do you have any idea where it all went?

  19. Allen,

    You aren’t imagining things. I’ve been goofing off (vacationing in Ecuador all summer) and haven’t posted the AOL instructions yet. They are slightly odd, and take a bit of explaining, but I will have them posted within 24 hours. I hope this helps.


  20. Is it just my page or isn’t there a link to add AOL mail to Outlook 2010? Thanks.

  21. Borce,

    I’m a bit confused. Where exactly do you want copies of messages to appear after you send them using the Nokia or Outlook? In the Yahoo Business Mail account?


  22. When I send mail from nokia e71 or outlook 2010 there is no copy on the server?
    I would likt to have copy from everything I send from phone or outlook.
    I’m registered on yahoo small busnises account , bizmail! I will apreciate if someone help!

  23. Sandra,

    Unfortunately things get more complicated when your iPhone gets into the picture. Note that I’m not an iPhone user myself, but this is my understanding of how it works. Yahoo allows mobile devices like the iPhone to use the IMAP protocol when communicating with mobile devices like your phone. However, they only allow the use of the POP3 protocol when communicating with Outlook and other PC-based mail programs.

    With IMAP, your phone can synchronize to your Yahoo mail, meaning that changes you make in one place get replicated to the other. With POP3, all you can do is copy messages out of Yahoo’s Inbox into Outlook, and tell Yahoo whether or not to delete the messages after Outlook copies them. So a connection between Yahoo and your iPhone works very differently than a connection between Yahoo and Outlook.

    If you are using both the iPhone and Outlook to view your Yahoo Mail, your best bet may be to tell Outlook to leave the messages in Yahoo instead of deleting them. That way, your iPhone will still have access to them. You just need to be aware that this kind of thing can happen: I email you on your Yahoo account. Outlook makes a copy of the message, and you read it in Outlook and reply to me, then delete the message (in Outlook). Tonight, you pull out your iPhone and check your mail. You will see the message I sent you, and will need to remember that you already saw and replied to the message in Outlook and will need to remember to delete it using the iPhone to get the message out of your Yahoo Inbox. So in this case, the message appears independently in both Outlook and your iPhone.

    But say Outlook is turned off, and you read, reply to, and delete the message I sent you using your iPhone. When you next turn on Outlook, you will NOT see a copy of the message there, because the iPhone’s connection allowed you to delete the message from the Yahoo Inbox.

    As you can see, it can get a bit complicated.

    As far as multiple Yahoo accounts with Outlook, you need to upgrade each one separately and pay the fee for each.

    I hope this long-winded reply helps!


  24. Bill – I am not techie so this may be a silly question. In reference to the following:

    “NOTE: As part of the process for setting up a Yahoo Outlook 2010 connection, you will tell the Yahoo mail servers not to keep copies of messages on the server once you view them with Outlook. This means they will not be visible from the Web once you read them with Outlook. This is most likely the way you want things to work anyway (having multiple versions of a message floating around is a recipe for confusion), but is something to be aware of.”

    Does that mean if I read an email in Outlook at home then want to retrieve it on my iphone at a later date I will not be have access to that email? Does Yahoo recognize only the Outlook configuration to drop the emails once they are read but keep the iphone access? Also, if I have 2 Yahoo accts must I pay $20 for each to upgrade to Plus in order to use Outlook 2010 or do they allow multiple accts? Thanks.

  25. David,

    I don’t use VistaPrint myself so can’t give you any definitive answers. However, I did find this discussion of VistaPrint Outlook 2010 connection problems that might be helpful to you:

    Sorry I can’t do more.


  26. I need help with getting my VistaPrint e-mail through Outlook 2010. I have followed the step-by-step instructions from VistaPrint and it doesn’t work. I suspect the port numbers are wrong, but VistaPrint insists they are right and the problem is with Outlook 2010. The VistaPrint server doesn’t seem to recognize my account. I can get the e-mail directly through VistaPrint. I can also access my yahoo and gmail e-mail accounts through Outlook 2010.

    Any ideas?

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