Outlook 2010 – Three Great Reasons To Use Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 – Three Great Reasons…

To my mind, Outlook 2010 is the leading software for managing your electronic mail and personal information. Why? For years now, Microsoft Office Outlook has provided robust mail management tools like rules and folders that are able to be used with multiple email accounts, freeing you from dealing with multiple different interfaces. And with all your personal information in the same place, you could easily get an overall picture of what was going on in your life at any given time.

Now Microsoft Outlook 2010 is here, including a shiny new interface, and some new features that bring genuine advantages for you. While nothing is perfect, Outlook 2010 might be the closest tool so far to satisfying all your electronic communication needs at work, home, and school.

New Outlook 2010 Features

First thing you will see is the shiny new interface, with the Ribbon appearing everywhere, rather than just here and there, as it was in Outlook 2007. I think the new design is a little cleaner in general, and the Ribbon does a good job of making the commands you are most likely to want readily available.

Conversation view is a great way to group threads of messages so you can more easily focus on one thing at a time. Expand only the conversation you want to deal with and you will more easily avoid distractions and sidetracks. Click View, then set the Show as Conversations checkbox to make the switch.

Do you find yourself constantly repeating actions like assigning a category (Save for Attorney, Show to Friends) to every nasty message from your ex, then digging down through three levels of folders so you can file the vicious missive in the right folder? Quick Steps is a new Microsoft Outlook 2010 feature that can save you some effort here. You can use predefined Quick Steps or create your own custom ones for situations like the above. Then just select the message and click the Quick Step to deal with it. I can see this feature becoming very popular.

As these three new features show, Outlook 2010 has a lot going for it and displays some real improvements over its predecessors. To learn more about how Outlook 2010 can benefit you, visit Living-With-Outlook-2010.com

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